About Us


Small laser engraving business based in Scotland. Where we strive to make uniquely
designed products so there is a little something for everyone, be it a personalised
glass or gift crate to LED cards and key rings inspired by pop culture.
Most of our products can be personalised which can be ordered on our online stores.
It's our goal to make sure you can choose from items suitable for every event, holidays and celebration throughout the year, as well as something quirky for yourself. We also travel all over the UK to various markets and conventions.


Below you can find all members of our team with a little bit about them and
what they do within the Truly Unique Business. 

I'm Kirsty and I am the owner of Truly Unique. I make up every design digitally and prepare them for engraving on our various products.
You can also find me behind the stall at all events.

I'm Hamish and my job with Truly Unique is engraver, product picker and packer. 
I also do some designs. 

I'm Val and my job with Truly Unique is the bookkeeper. You can also find me behind the stall at many events. 

I'm James and I manage this website. I add new products and update the page as needed. You can also find me at some Scotland events behind the stall.

Hi, I'm Keira and I'm the real brains behind Truly Unique. The rest of the the team simply wouldn't function without me.  I'm a kind old dog and love treats.
Sadly Keira passed over the rainbow bridge on 06.06.22

Hi, I'm Albie.
I help mum out while she works by putting toys on her laptop or dropping them into the photo light box to add extra pazas to the photos.
I have titktok and instagram